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How Are Big Data, Cloud, Social Media and Mobility Transforming IT?

Leading organisations are racing to exploit the new opportunities for growth, customer retention and improved efficiency that they identify through business analytics on their Big Data; spotting trends so they can engage their customers in real time via social and mobile networks.

With IT facing tremendous pressure, internal and external, to support new ways of working, delivering services, gathering and exploiting information, organisations often turn to public cloud providers to support them in their drive to be more business aligned, flexible and exploit their Big Data. This brings its own risks to the organisation, as evidenced by recent, high-profile public cloud outages and security breaches.

To keep the organisation safe, to avoid being bypassed by their business leaders, IT needs to be more cloud provider-like; able to rapidly meet changing capacity demands for compute and data storage solutions whilst protecting the organisation from serious risks by enforcing security and data governance. Logicalis calls this kind of IT the Agile Data Centre.

Let us help you decide how far you should go in moving your IT to the Agile Data Centre. Every stop on the journey delivers savings, releases resources, simplifies management and creates value for your organisation.

With Business Aligned IT as your target, let’s look at the steps to realign technology to fit your business goals. 

4 Steps from Basic to Business Aligned IT

The Journey to Business Aligned IT -  the video


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