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Data storage. Are you getting the whole story?

Big data vs. small storage. It's a common problem. Yet many enterprises are still in the dark about how best to tackle their giant data demands with such limited storage. Particularly when the size of their budget doesn’t measure up to the size of their problem.

To help your enterprise move forward, this free resource centre gives you the whole story. So you can finally discover the best way to overcome your own big data storage challenge – no matter how insurmountable it may appear.

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Chapter 1: Do I have enough disk space?

Let's start our story by tackling the biggest myth in data storage today: lack of disk space is rarely your biggest enemy. It usually just means the space you do have is being used inefficiently. In fact, we typically find enterprises can actually reduce their disk space needs by up to 50% just by employing affordable solutions like compression and virtualisation. It's just as the old saying goes:
a problem shared is a problem halved.

Chapter 2: To recruit or
not to recruit?

That is the question we hear nearly every day. After all, the boom in big data didn't exactly come with a mandate to employ legions of new staff. In fact; it came at a time of chastening cut-backs. And although recruitment is now back on the agenda, you can achieve much more with the team you already have. By consolidating disjointed data silos, for instance, we typically find enterprises can reduce data admin time up to 47%. That's a lot more manpower to suddenly have at your disposal.

Chapter 3: What's
the bigger picture?

Tackling the cost, complexity and capacity of your data storage leads to a number of benefits. And not just for IT. Sales and marketing can finally get a clear picture of their different customer groups. R&D can innovate around changing market trends. Your business leaders can start making decisions based on real-time evidence. And you can enjoy knowing the entire business is running as it should thanks to decisions made by you.

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